tamagotchi, originally uploaded by Mo Suga.


devilegg_small, originally uploaded by offstringfreak.

FamiTama characters!

Who can resist these cute Tama families! Loads of new characters (including their pets!) Lots to choose from, lots of new favorites!

[Via a post from Binary in TamaZone]

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FamiTama coming soon!

Of course it's been released in Japan and for release elsewhere in 2008. There are a few e-bay auctions already!

Now we know that Tamagotchis actually have families - the new toy is called Tamagotchi Family Iro Iro Tamagotchi Plus, shortened to FamiTama!

I think we may be skipping V 4.5 ;)

Eco-friendly Kuchipatchi

Do you love the earth? Get some more tips from Kuchipatchi at his site called Kuchipatchi's Eco-friendly life. Great tips on the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle (or is it 4Rs? will have to review this :) )

Tamagotchi & Earth Expo

The Tamagotchi V5 is coming soon. (Been seeing a few posts about the Famitama already in the market - more later.)

The eco-friendly Tamas come together in the Tamagotchi and Earth Expo! (or quick!, click on the screen capture!_Here's a sneak peek of the site; not everything is working though, but looks like a lot of fun!

Learn about global warming and caring for the earth.

[Via an interesting post by Nanaki]

Official trailer of new Tamagotchi movie!

The official trailer for the upcoming movie "Eiga de Tōjō! Tamagotchi Doki Doki! Uchū no Maigotchi!?", in English translated as "Appearing on Film! Tamagotchi: Lost Child in Space!?"

Tamagotchi V1

tamagotchi, originally uploaded by shazzy63.


My Tamagotchi v3 - Closeup, originally uploaded by ♥ Maya ♥.

Shown on a V3.

Tamagotchi on shelves

Tamagotchi, originally uploaded by LonelyBob.

Tamagotchi merchandise galore.

All Terrain Tamagotchi

All Terrain Tamagotchi, originally uploaded by Soren Lorenson.

Spot the 'gotchi

mario kart arcade 2, originally uploaded by Supersmach_games.

Young Memetchi

1 Ounce, originally uploaded by scribex.

Mametchi in a Tree

Mametchi in a Tree, originally uploaded by joel8x.


ichigotchi!, originally uploaded by frauzucker.

How Ichigotchi looks on your V4! Very cute!

Kuchipatchi va de Gansta

Kuchipatchi va de Gansta, originally uploaded by Jungle Monkey.

Keep you tissues safe ...

What's in My Bag - Sep. 2007, originally uploaded by sophia@hk.

... have Tamas guard them.

Tamagotchi Wikia

Wikipedia has its own Tamagotchi page. But then I stumbled upon Tamagotchi Wikia, which is a wiki dedicated to everything Tamagotchi!

The wiki is still being filled up, so if you are a Tamagotchi fan (you are, aren't you?), you can help out by putting in more information all Tamagotchi. You can start wit your favorite characters, for instance.

Go check it out at Tamagotchi Wikia

Tamagotchi Connection Chart

Have multiple Tamas - different versions? Or maybe like us, you have friends you Tamas that at a lower or higher version and of course, we want to connect/play/add them as friends!

Here's a fantastic chart from Tama-Zone showing which Tamagotchi versions connect with what and whether they can have children (breed).

Based on actual experience, leave feedback in the Tama-zone forum if you have any problems or corrections.

Tamagotchi V4 Character Chart

Another chart, this time from Tama-Talk.

V4 Meals & Snacks Chart (where to get certain foods)

Fantastic resource from Tama-Zone!

  • SHOP refers to the shop on the Tamagotchi itself
  • TAMA-TOWER is the cinema in Tama Town V4
  • CAFE is the Food Court in Tama Town V4
  • ARCADE refers to the game center in Tama Town V4. The foods are prizes from games.
  • CODE is the shop code ACAB ACAC to get steak.

Tamagotchi V4 Caricature Chart

It's nice to see how the Tamas look in the computer instead of just in plain pixel.

This is from Tama-Zone.

Tamagotchi V4 Sleep/Wake Times Chart

Tamagotchi V4 Growth Chart

We went berserk with this chart! Ha! Now to actually out how to get specific characters. Makiko looks really cute!

This is taken from http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=8173

Complete Tamagotchi V4 Character Chart

So far, this is the most complete chart we've come across. Got this via this link: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g224/SunGodRa/V4_Char_List.gif

Tamas Enjoy the View

Tamas Enjoy the View, originally uploaded by sheddhead.

The tamas enjoy a view of Chicago from Shedd Aquarium's north terrace.

Memetchi Strikes a Pose

Memetchi Strikes a Pose, originally uploaded by sheddhead.

Memetchi strikes a pose in front of the Chicago skyline.

Life-size Tamagotchi!

The mascot version. Waaay better than Hamburgler, don't you think?

Kuchipatchi Land!

Here's a great site for Kuchipatchi lovers ... Kuchipatchi Land! The site is promising, with a few pictures up already. Hoping it grows!

Find out if you're Kuchipatchi-obsessed with this test.

He's holding a pen?

blue eared dude, originally uploaded by Carol Esther.

Mimitchi is holding a pen. And your keys.


tamagotchi dude, originally uploaded by Carol Esther.

... won't lose your keys.

Cute Memetchi

tamagotchi dude2, originally uploaded by Carol Esther.

... holds your keys.

Look, a flying Tamagotchi!

tamagotchi, originally uploaded by Lupentan.

Tamagotchi and JAL

Tama Depa, originally uploaded by diskant.

Stampers inside the shop advertising the deal with JAL.

Tama Depa

Tama Depa, originally uploaded by diskant.

Buy a Tamagotchi and take it away in this equally cute plastic bag.

Tamagotchi Bling

Tamagotchi Bling, originally uploaded by Jemnifur.

Other uses for your Tamagotchi. Use as ... BLING!

Tamagotchi First Gen!

Tamagotchi First Gen!, originally uploaded by sheshymaroii.

Where it all started.