Tamagotchi Connection Chart

Have multiple Tamas - different versions? Or maybe like us, you have friends you Tamas that at a lower or higher version and of course, we want to connect/play/add them as friends!

Here's a fantastic chart from Tama-Zone showing which Tamagotchi versions connect with what and whether they can have children (breed).

Based on actual experience, leave feedback in the Tama-zone forum if you have any problems or corrections.


Nanaki said...

I actually made that! xD

Just to let you all know, the instances of "V4" can also be used for "V4.5". Once we get information about the Famitama/V5 pet, I'll add it to the chart as well.


aloi said...

hi OM21! it's a great chart so thanks for cooking it up.

thanks for the info. i'll edit the text so that comes out.

so far have tried linking up v4 with v4.5, v3 and they hooked up fine.