Jonas Brothers heart Tamagotchi

Jonas Brothers (singers of American Dragon) at Teen Choice Awards 07!

Lucas heart Tamagotchi!

Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical at the Teen Choice Awards 07!

Visiting Long Beach

Visiting Long Beach, originally uploaded by claudcutie99.

Violetchi on a break!

Golden Tamagotchi

P7130028, originally uploaded by tama_crazy.

For those collectors out there. Do you have this?

Hello Kitty meets Tamagotchi

P1010025, originally uploaded by tama_crazy.

I've never heard of these. Double kawaii!

Double Mimitchi

tama mimitchi, originally uploaded by potato_kungfu.

A plush AND keychain. obviously this guy's a Mimitchi fan!

Get your Tamagotchi dream job!

How to get your dream job for Tama V4.

Download the official chart from!

Earn at least 80 "intellectual" skill points to get a chance for a job at:
  • laboratory
  • tv station
  • school
  • hospital
  • bank
Earn at least 80 "artistic" skill points to get a chance for a job at:
  • music studio
  • clothing shop
  • bake shop
  • beauty salon
  • floral shop
Earn at least 80 "social" skill points to get a chance for a job at:
  • amusement park
  • pre-school
  • fire station
  • airport
  • cafe

Tamagotchi V4 Food Chart

As you see, Tama-Zone has done a fantastic job of putting together what Tama V4's like to eat (and not like to eat). Very good resource for taking care of our Tamas!

Tamagotchi V4 cell phone numbers

Got the cellphone for your V4 but no one to call? We have tested these and they have worked out! Here are their numbers:

Parents and grandparents:
  • AABA CCBB : Parent *
  • CCAC BCBA : Grandparent **
* Your tama character must be on generation 2 or above in order for the parent phone number to work.
** Your tama character must be on generation 3 or above in order for the grandparent phone number to work.

  • AACC CABA : Preschool Teacher
  • ACCB CAAB : Turtle Teacher
  • CBBC BABB : Flower Teacher
  • BBAC CAAB : Canvas Teacher
And even the KING!
  • BABC AAAB : Tama King

A few notes, courtesy of Tamatalk:

How to use the Cell Phone

  1. This works only on a V4.
  2. You have to have a cell phone. If you don't already have the cell phone, please get it first.
  3. Your character must at least be an adult.
  4. Find the cell phone in your items list, select it, and the cell phone will appear on the screen next to your Tamagotchi character with three circles in a row above it. These circles correspond to the A (left), B (middle) and C (right) buttons on your Tamagotchi.
  5. Enter the cell phone number by pressing the A, B, or C buttons in the order shown for the cell phone number you want to dial. After the last digit has been entered, the call will go through, and you will see the person you are dialing appear on your screen. She (or he) will then have a brief conversation with your Tamagotchi character.

V4 Shop Codes

Here are the shop codes for your Tamagotchi V4. The number of gotchi points is what it costs to buy the item.

According to the V4 instruction sheet: At the shop counter screen, press (A). Then, press (A) quickly three times. When the shop owner's face appears surprised, punch in the secret code to reveal a new item.
[A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]

  • Pen = 15,000 gp: BBCA CCCA.
  • Steak = 1,400 gp: ACAB ACAC.
  • Clone = 14,000 gp: BAAB ACBA.
  • Honey = 7,000 gp: CCBA AABB.
  • CD3 = 0 gp: CAAA BACB.

The last code you enter does not give you what the code is for; rather, it will give you a cellphone. To get the free CD, simply re-enter the code (it's free anyway!).

We've tested these and they have worked.


Giant Tamagotchi!

Memetchi & Mametchi

Memetchi & Mametchi, originally uploaded by WEBmikey.

Too cute not to post the two!

Violetchi Pez

Leaftchi, originally uploaded by WEBmikey.

Who else can have those adorable flowers in her hair?

Sunflower Tama

Tamagotchi v4, originally uploaded by ♥ Maya ♥.

Oh so kawaii!

More pez tamas!

Originally uploaded by mybloodyself
First time I've seen this many in one place!

Top: Kuchipatchi (green) beside Mametchi (yellow)
Foreground: Violetchi (violet, obviously) with Mimitchi (like a white rabbit)
Lonely at the bottom: Memetchi (orange)

Tamagotchi heart iPod (and vice versa)

tamagotchi hacking phase 1, originally uploaded by pt.

This is interesting. How about:

I'd really like to develop an iPod (or Podzilla) virtual pet that lives and dies based on how much I feed it music, clear out the old music and rate the music I have. I think I'd use my music players more if I had to care for them like pets.
Read more here.

Kuchipatchi eat cake

Kuchipatchi eat cake, originally uploaded by copyright.nancye.

Tamagotchi stuff

Tamagotchi stuff, originally uploaded by diskant.

Drool! All from Tama Depa in Japan.

Tamagotchi Characters V.4

We needed this and did a search and found this useful chart of Tamagotchi v.4 characters (complete with drawings / caricature chart!) from Click here!

Handmade Gozarutchi

Gozarutchi, originally uploaded by elewa.

The ninja on a break...

Tamagotchi candy

tamagotchi candy, originally uploaded by roboppy.

A plush with free candy? Yay!

Tamagotchi donuts?

Tama Depa, originally uploaded by diskant.

According to the photographer:

This was located on the second level of the baseball stadium and unsurprisingly, we were the only customers. There wasn't really that much to buy but it was very funny.

Sparkling Eyes

sparkling eyez, originally uploaded by martka.

Memetchi of the sparkling eyes ... as a keychain for ... yes, a Tamagotchi!

Mametchi in choco (2)

Mametchi chocolate lollipop, originally uploaded by diskant.

Mametchi in choco (1)

Mametchi, originally uploaded by diskant.

I wanna bite your cute little head off!

Two of the best things in life rolled into one. Cuteness and chocolate!

Supersmall Mametchi

Tamagotchi, originally uploaded by ymk.

Is this a cellphone thingy? Cute! Cute, cute!

Tamagotchi gummy

tamagotchi gummy, originally uploaded by roboppy.

I'll pretend it's yummy, after all it is cute!

More Tamagotchi figurines

tam figurines, originally uploaded by roboppy.

Mametchi, on the left, giving Masktchi the evil eye.

Tamagotchi figurines

tam figurines, originally uploaded by roboppy.

Here's Tarakotchi (with the big lips) ... the fish egg tama! He is mysterious and some people also think he has stinky feet!

The blue guy is Nyorotchi, who is skinny, sickly, and ... lives a shorty life.

Both characters are a result of neglect!

A Tamagotchi puzzle!

MYRIAD TAMAGOTCHI, originally uploaded by leslie adams.

That is one cool puzzle. Looks difficult too!

Tamagotchi Fan Wallpaper

Tamagotchi Fan Wallpaper, originally uploaded by Mr. Don Mo.

Me too ... !

Colorful Tamagotchi & Owners

What a lovely photo! Captures the fun of Tamagotchi!

Sabella and her Tamagotchi

... even dolls love Tamagotchi!

Free Tamagotchi wallpaper (1)!

I've been scouting around for wallpaper online and have come up with a few. I'll try and add on to this collection. Click on the pictures or links to go directly to the source. Enjoy!

Wallpaper for your desktop:

From Tamagotchi Connection

From CrystalXPNet

From Oldish, but still ok. With options for download if you are a Mac or PC user. Also available in Japanese!
For Windows / For Mac / For PC & Mac / In Japanese

Wallpapers for your phone: (click for more designs)


Tamagotchi sketch, originally uploaded by aloi.

Do you want to try your hand at creating your own Tamagotchi? Go to

Dui created little Fluffotchi here, and it's now in the gallery! Check this out, and a lot more sketches ... and add your own too!