Free Tamagotchi wallpaper (1)!

I've been scouting around for wallpaper online and have come up with a few. I'll try and add on to this collection. Click on the pictures or links to go directly to the source. Enjoy!

Wallpaper for your desktop:

From Tamagotchi Connection

From CrystalXPNet

From Oldish, but still ok. With options for download if you are a Mac or PC user. Also available in Japanese!
For Windows / For Mac / For PC & Mac / In Japanese

Wallpapers for your phone: (click for more designs)


Jesmond said...

For 3D tamagotchi wallpapers visit this site

Unknown said...

A good phone wallpaper page is updated regularly and allows for free download. I think it really appeals to you, visit here:

Top 5 wallpapers for your smartphone:
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beach wallpaper | colorwallpaper