V4 Shop Codes

Here are the shop codes for your Tamagotchi V4. The number of gotchi points is what it costs to buy the item.

According to the V4 instruction sheet: At the shop counter screen, press (A). Then, press (A) quickly three times. When the shop owner's face appears surprised, punch in the secret code to reveal a new item.
[A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]

  • Pen = 15,000 gp: BBCA CCCA.
  • Steak = 1,400 gp: ACAB ACAC.
  • Clone = 14,000 gp: BAAB ACBA.
  • Honey = 7,000 gp: CCBA AABB.
  • CD3 = 0 gp: CAAA BACB.

The last code you enter does not give you what the code is for; rather, it will give you a cellphone. To get the free CD, simply re-enter the code (it's free anyway!).

We've tested these and they have worked.




Anny said...

This is so cool. I tried it twice but it only works once.

Carolynn said...

how come every time I try it doesn't work?I press a and then a four times but it won't work!Can someone help me?(I punch in the codes as well)

Ella Smith said...

I had the same problem. In the end it turned out that my Tamagotchi was another version.