Tamagotchi V4 cell phone numbers

Got the cellphone for your V4 but no one to call? We have tested these and they have worked out! Here are their numbers:

Parents and grandparents:
  • AABA CCBB : Parent *
  • CCAC BCBA : Grandparent **
* Your tama character must be on generation 2 or above in order for the parent phone number to work.
** Your tama character must be on generation 3 or above in order for the grandparent phone number to work.

  • AACC CABA : Preschool Teacher
  • ACCB CAAB : Turtle Teacher
  • CBBC BABB : Flower Teacher
  • BBAC CAAB : Canvas Teacher
And even the KING!
  • BABC AAAB : Tama King

A few notes, courtesy of Tamatalk:

How to use the Cell Phone

  1. This works only on a V4.
  2. You have to have a cell phone. If you don't already have the cell phone, please get it first.
  3. Your character must at least be an adult.
  4. Find the cell phone in your items list, select it, and the cell phone will appear on the screen next to your Tamagotchi character with three circles in a row above it. These circles correspond to the A (left), B (middle) and C (right) buttons on your Tamagotchi.
  5. Enter the cell phone number by pressing the A, B, or C buttons in the order shown for the cell phone number you want to dial. After the last digit has been entered, the call will go through, and you will see the person you are dialing appear on your screen. She (or he) will then have a brief conversation with your Tamagotchi character.


Joshua said...

you know this also works for Version 4.5

Sammy Bammy said...

it also works for v4