Preview of Tamagotchi movie!

Preview video of the Japanese Tamagotchi motion picture. The name of the movie seems to be "Tamagotchi: Dokidoki! Uchuu no Maigotchi!?" The new movie is being developed by Toho and is to be released in Japanese theaters 15 December 2007.

Tamashi-gotchi from Tama-zone provides the storyline:
Mametchi is creating some sort of time-travelling experiment in MameCity in Planet Gotchi, and the experiment goes all wrong leading to human girl Tanpopo teleporting into Planet Gotchi on a shooting star.

Now Mametchi and his friends Memetchi and Kuchipatchi need to find a way to get the girl successfully back to Earth, and at the same time they become curious of the Planet Earth and want to go there for exploration...

... also it seems that Planet Gotchi starts to get some kind of earthquakes and the citizens panic. Ok, who did gave Planet Gotchi a bottle of rice wine this time..?

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