What's a Tamagotchi?

I decided to create this website for my daughter who is currently hooked on Tamagotchi! I'll be compiling resources about this cute little toy!

A Tama-what?
The Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet. It is basically a small, egg-shaped computer with 3 buttons (A, B, and C) which you to select and perform activities such as:
  • Feeding
  • Playing games
  • Cleaning up after the Tamagotchi (yes, poopoo shaped like a Hershey's kiss)
  • Disciplining (like a child)
  • Checking its age, discipline, hunger, weight, happiness and other stat levels.
  • Connecting to the computer
  • Connecting with other Tamagotchi
What does Tamagotchi mean?
According to Bandai, the manufacturer, Tamagotchi literally translates to "small egg" as it combines:
  • the Japanese word tamago which means "egg"
  • the Japanese word chi as in chi-chei which means "small"

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